10 Week Arduino/Processing class in Yorkshire, UK

I thought I'd let you know about a ten week physical computing course that I'm delivering through the University of Huddersfield's Digital Research Unit. The course will focus upon Arduino and Processing as a platform for physical computing.

The course will start in November and run through to mid-January. We have 15 places for a nightclass (Wednesday evenings) and 15 places for an afternoon class on Saturdays.

You can look at work we've been doing at Huddersfield and register for interest on the course website:


The course will cost 150 pounds per student and will run for 3-4 hours a week over 10 weeks. We're trying to run it as cheaply as possible.

I'm focusing on recruiting from Leeds, Manchester and Huddersfield – but people could probably come from further away (Sheffield/Newcastle?) if they opted for the Saturday classes.

Could you possibly spread the word amongst your colleagues & contacts?

Many thanks