123d Circuit Toubleshooting

Hi, everyone... right now, i'm trying to simulate arduino with 123d circuit.
I have some problem when trying to simulated the circuit with DC motor or photoresistor, it says that "an unexpected simulator error occur, please reload the page again" again and again even when i try to reload the page, i have tried using chrome , firefox and opera, but the result was still the same.. any suggestion?

Is there some way to see the schematic of the circuit you have constructed? Perhaps you have power and ground wired together accidentally or some other problem making it impossible to simulate. Perhaps that extra component near the bottom should be removed.

Hi, johnwasser, thanks so much for your suggestion... but i have try another simple circuit which turned out to be the same as mention earlier... Have u tried using it yet? Did u ever encounter this kind of bug?

What sketch do you have loaded in the simulated Arduino? Have you tried a very simple sketch like Blink?

I didn`t upload anything, so the code was default code of simple blinking...

I have try out simple circuit like blinking led, potentiometer and led for changing brightness, it worked fine except for DC motor and photoresistor...