128x32 OLED Graphics Display guidance needed (DREDD 3D LAWGIVER MK. II PROJECT)

Hello to everyone who might reed this!

(I tried googling and searchin to no avail /:slight_smile:

I have been designing my own version of the Dredd 3D Lawgiver Mk. II. (pic below for show, almost finished (; ).
The gun features an OLED display, which I have concluded to be an 128x32 OLED graphics display, and it displays the amount of different ammo are left in the gun. (also a pic from the movie below for reference).

The problem is I have no idea how to approach the coding side of this build. I have played around with a 16x2 LCD and I have learned to print text, show a temp / temps using a temp sensor, and to me that is pretty simple and easy. So I think I can learn to use this more advanced type of display if I can get some assistance.

The biggest and first step/question for me is how do I "print" stuff on the display. Once I learn the basic to that, I can start adding two LED's and a switch or two.

I have found the OLED screen that was used in the movie, info of it are in the link below under the pic of it.

As the gun isn't that big I think I'll use Arduino nano or arduino mini pro, both can control this type of display?

So to summarize this message:

  1. how can I control and print text/grapics on the referred display?
  2. how do I create grapics?
  3. Can an Arduino nano/mini pro do the job?

I thank everyone in advance and I promise to post pics/videos about the progress I make!! And of course I will share the code!!



To my knowledge there is no library for the SD1305. My suggestion is to use this kind of display:


  • For the SSD1306 there are several libraries available (u8glib, adafruit, ...)
  • Extra components are already part of the PCB (less effort to make the OLED run)



Thank you for your reply, Oliver! I think I just have to keep looking for a display with a more popular controller (if that's what SSD1306 for example is). The display really needs to be about 2.2" in size to fit my build.

I found a 128x32 display which uses SSD1309 IC and saw that u8glib supports that, but for 128x64. Any chance here? Here is the u8glib device list:


I'm just thinking this over and realized that as long as the display is about 2.2" in size and has an aspect ratio close to a 128x32 display, then it widens my range. The color must be blue on black as well.

EDIT: I just found this display: Blue Serial SPI 2.8" OLED Module Display 256x64 w/Breakout Board for Arduino | eBay and I compared its size my gun's display frame and it fits pretty darn well. It uses SSD1322, and I checked the u8glib device list again and it is supported, correct?

And since the resolution on this is 256x64, I could use 2x2pixels to represent a single pixel. That way it would be like using single pixel on a 128x32 display.

Thank you

SSD1309 and SSD1322 should be supported (at least i received feedback from users according to this), but using SSD1322 is a little bit slow because of size and graylevel depth. This also is independent from using 2x2. It is just the amont of data which needs to be transfered.