1st Arduino Recommendations for a newbie

What Arduino would you recommend for a newbie starting out? I have a lot of mechanical experience, A lot of electrical experience and very little electronics experience. I have 0.0 code experience. I know what most electronic components are and how they work and I can understand when people explain circuits but have never actually built an electronic circuit. A lot of electro mechanical work. ( i'm a diesel mechanic by trade ) I have an idea for a project to check lights on trailers with 12 relays and RF control. ( for $30 I can buy relay board and remote on eBay-But why take the easy road ) My thought is to build it RF and then when I get some experience I can convert it to run on a iPhone Looking for a hobby I can do, and learn, in the cold winter of NE Ohio. Thank you in advance.

With zero programming experience, I would advise on an Uno based starter kit.

It's some fun to build the different circuits, try to understand the simple schematics and some of the components can possibly be re-used in your future project.

With your project in mind, you can throw some RF and/or bluetooth modules in your shopping basket as well so you can practice working with those once you have worked your way through the different projects and understand the coding behind them. For RF you need a second Arduino; that can e.g. be a Nano.

You have a long or steep learning curve ahead; a book might help. Can't advise on that, a mix with the basics of C/C++ and Arduino specifics might be a good choice (if such a thing exists).

Enjoy the world of Arduino and good luck with your project.

Hi, See some books on Amazon HERE I have most of these and to start I recommend Michael McRoberts "Beginning Arduino" .

Simon Monk's "Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches," is a good place to start programming.

When you get serious about programming, "Beginning C for Arduino: Learn C Programming for the Arduino " by Jack Purdum is very good (DISCLAIMER: I am the Technical Editor of that book)..

And there's a lot on the web like http://ArduinoInfo.Info

But Just Do It!