2 12V DC Motors using Arduino Uno with Motor Sheild V2


I was wondering if it is possible to run 2 12V DC Motors using the Arduino Uno with the Motor Shield V2 addon. I am also looking for a battery power supply to run it, in which I have already found one 7.2V one, but I am skeptical on if it will work or not.

Thank you very much for the help,


12V motors will run at 7.2V, but more slowly. The Motor Shield loses you 2+ volts anyway, so 12V will give you about 10 anyway.

If I connect two dc motors, will it still run at the same voltage?



Most controller circuits will not drop voltage. The real question is... Will this beable to drive twice the current. If there is not much load on the motors perhaps you could get away with it.

Time to dust out your multi meter / data logger and measure the current of one motor... double this... compare this number to the current/power rating of your driver.

What's the driver?