2 meter fm reciever

i am planing on building a aprs igate from chapter 7 of "ham radio for arduino and picaxe" book. It uses argent data radio shield which takes audio from a 2 meter receiver. Code at http://hamradioprojects.com/authors/dl8rds/+airgate/code/ or http://qth.me/dl8rds/+airgate/code
shield info at http://wiki.argentdata.com/index.php?title=Radio_Shield

My goal is to integrate a fm receiver to the stack. I have found many projects on the web using tda7000 ic for receiving broadcast fm radio. i don't know enough to know if modifying this circuit would work. Can i just adjust the LC to match for the 144.39Mhz. any help constructing a small fm receiver for that frequency would be appreciated. I also assume i will need some kind of AF amp before inputting into the argent radio shield.

Probably easier/cheaper to use a Baofeng 2 metre handheld.

TDA7000 input frequency rating is upto 110MHz only. I also doubt the VFO would be stable enough for
narrowband FM and you have no solution for SSB with that chip AFAICT.

search term: RTL-SDR radio. the cheapest one on eBay does what you want:

[the cheapest RTL-SDR on eBay](http://search term: RTL-SDR receiver. $16.99 up on eBay. 25 MHz to 1760 MHz. Support:AM, NFM, FM, DSB, USB, LSB and CW reception modes. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RTL-SDR-Receiver-0-5PPM-TCXO-HF-SMA-Support-AM-NFM-FM-DSB-USB-L-RTL2382U/123690776085?hash=item1ccc8b7615:g:ZrUAAOSwHlRbRHnV)

Thanks I know cheap radios are out there but it’s not about the money. Looking to learn and I only need fm receive capability for this project. Found documentation on mc3363 that looks like it could be possible???

Looks pretty capable, but all the support components like tuned circuits and filters and crystals make for
a complex build that requires RF alignment with suitable testgear - its not an out-of-the-box solution
unless someone already does a 2m module using it.

This page has a project that will show you what is involved:-

Thank you grumpy_mike this is what I was looking for