3.5" TFT LCD Question


I have purchased this screen & shield though they have not arrived yet...


Ebay seller gave me a link to the library which I have downloaded and installed.


I have loaded the test example supplied and just done a verify compile which gives errors...?
Just want to be sure I have the right library, any help appreciated.


fontdatatype BigFont[3044] PROGMEM={


C:\Users\Phil\Documents\Arduino\libraries\UTFT\DefaultFonts.c:234:14: error: variable 'SevenSegNumFont' must be const in order to be put into read-only section by means of 'attribute((progmem))'

fontdatatype SevenSegNumFont[2004] PROGMEM={


Using library UTFT in folder: C:\Users\Phil\Documents\Arduino\libraries\UTFT (legacy)
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.

I had the same problem, just re-install that library from Internet. But better backup the old one if you need and modified one.

Oh ok, where did you download it from?

This one sloud be modified for your display: GitHub - dgolda/UTFT: Modified UTFT library working with ILI9327 8-bit for example 3.5" TFT LCD from mcufriend.com
Next time pleashe use google. It took me to find this only about 40 seconds

Thank you.

Yes, that works now.


The mega + display I ordered has now arrived but running any of the sample codes on that library does not seem to work...?


Display flickers and looks like its trying to do something but nothing ever displays at all,

Could someone please give me some example code showign teh correct paramaters for a mega with this display. (Supplier cant...)


Compare your pcb with the photo on the Ebay link.
Compare your pcb with the photo in message #45

If neither match, please find a "better link" and describe the differences in English.


You have a PM...

Compare your pcb with the photo on the Ebay link.
Compare your pcb with the photo in message #45

I just need example code working with a mega...

My apologies. I mixed up the threads. There are several about a Red 3.5" Mega shield

This is the message #45 from a related thread that has an excellent photo (with annotated pins)

The question remains: does your display match the photos in your Ebay link (#5 in this thread) ?

Do the pcb traces match?
Do you have Resistor Packs: RP1 .. RP7 ?


Hi David,

Thanks for the speedy response, YES, the image from #45 is the exact one I have!
And yes, this IS the exact item in teh ebay pics.
And yes there are resistor packs RP1-RP6 (no RP7)

  • Could you please advise best library for Mega
  • Also some example code...

Your Ebay link has this picture:

I count nine resistor packs numbered RP1-RP7, RP10, RP11.

The photo from vagos21:

I count six resistor packs. I note that the pcb tracks are different. The components are different.

Seriously. I am happy to help but only if I am given accurate information. Perhaps Aussie websites show a different photo !!


Sorry, didnt notice that! Yes the item I have been sent is in fact different to the ebay ad.
Attached is a photo of the item I have which IS teh same as that of msg 45

There was no need to send an "extra" JPEG. Just say that you matched vagos21's photo.

Please can you read the values on RP1-7. Neither photo is clear enough. They will say something like 102 or 103.

Simple answer is: I hope to get a similar board working with a Forum member (peloxp).
Until then, I don't think there is any library that works out of the box.


Really, none exist!

These are all 10k ohms (103).

Thank you for your help.

I would guess that UTFT should work if you create an entry N for ILI9481 and 8-bit.
dsx[N] = 319
dsy[N] = 479
dtm[N] = 8


Or you simply edit the existing ILI9481 entry:
dtm[21] = 8

Also Untested.



OK, but how and where do I make these changes?


You could try to use the old code from http://osoyoo.com/driver/3.5LCD_ili9481.rar again
to see if this works, I know it will give an error, but you must try this code with an
older Arduino version like Arduino 1.0 ... Arduino-1.6.5-r2.

If this works you could look further to find a solution.

From a brief glance at the code in http://osoyoo.com/driver/3.5LCD_ili9481.rar

They have made no attempt to support the 8-bit version.
There are several people with this 8-bit display shield.

I can confirm that it "works" the same as the 16-bit shield. i.e. same control pins.
It just uses an 8-bit bus (D22-D29) when the 16-bit version uses a 16-bit bus (D22-D37)

If you just change dtm[21] from 16 to 8, it will use the same initlcd.h and setxy.h but with the 8-bit driver.
You will use the same constructor: UTFT myGLCD(ILI9481,38,39,40,41);

Untested. I do not have this shield. Please report back with the result.


n.b. dtm[] array is in UTFT.cpp file. Remember that dtm[21] is the 22nd entry in dtm[]
21 is the magic #define for ILI9481 in UTFT.h

Do I have to uninstall current application?
Not too keen to do that...

Is there no other way?
Surely there has to be a library available for this board...?