36 vdc motor + hall sensor + 3 phase power lines

hi everyone. i want to connect a self balance scooters motor which have 3 phase power lines and hall sensor on my arduino board and to control the speed according to my wish. Or either rotate in clockwise or anticlockwise. Am stuck with the connection regarding the 3 phase power lines. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Why do you think you are going to connect the three power lines to the Arduino? Surely you don’t expect the 5V/200 mA Arduino to supply enough power to do more than irritate the motor.

No. I want to drive the motor using arduino and need to control the speed too. When i check the forum about to rotate a BLDC motor i saw that the 12 v power supply is given through a 3 phase bridge. My motor has a specification of 36 vdc. So how can i use that circuit?

Any one have the idea regarding this. please help me to figure out.