3D Printer Program

Hi guys i want to build a 3d printer, i have alredy my design and otw to buy the item, but i wonder the different design is required a different program to the arduino? Thanks in advance

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There are several popular firmwares for 3D printers. I use Marlin. Do a Google search for "3d printer firmware" to see more alternatives.

I have see some youtube video about the turtorial diy but i plan on just changing the z axis mounting does it need a change in the firmware?

I have zero information to base an answer to that question on. I know nothing of your Z axis setup nor do I know what firmware of which you speak.

Firmware is using Marlin too, but this setup is using z axis like the Tarantula I3, because the mounting of the pulley of z axis where attached to the hot end is not available in my country, i plan to change it to the creality cr-10 mounting on the hot end pulley

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