3g module

I’m working in a project where I have to transmit data from arduino to a local server, we are using 3G/GPRS shield over Arduino from cooking hacks ( https://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/documentation/tutorials/3g-gps-shield-arduino-raspberry-pi-tutorial/)

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... and your question is?

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... and your question is?[/quote] Well, pardon my hijack, but I have one. At the eye-watering price for this shield, surely there is a saner way to do this? Hasn't somebody come up with a phone app that enables sharing by SMS data from Arduino acquired via OTG cable? You can get a serviceable phone for $50, so the question has to be worth asking.

OTG doesn't work for every phone because the firmware hook for it is often omitted by the manufacturer.

I plugged a USB thumb drive into my smartphones. None of them saw the USB thumb drive.

I suspect the real test is that, if OTG is available, they will give you a cable for it. I recall there is an app for it too. As it happens my old $60 Samsung doesn't have OTG, but I believe it is pretty common these days,and my cheapo Sony has it.