4-Corner load cell scale for go kart

Hey all,

Just wondering how feasible it would be to make a 4-corner scale (one scale for each tire) to scale my go karts. I think postal scales would do for the actual scales, just concerned about being able to pick up the data from the scales and get it all to display on one display.

Once the data is captured (it should be real-time) then other calculations should be able to show front/rear balance, cross-weight, etc, right?

Doesn't have to look super-slick, just digital read out in real time. Would this be difficult?

If You can accept that the Arduino reads the 4 corners one by one, not simultanously, I can work. Guys knowing more than me can tell abot the time needed for 4 conversions.
Look for sensors, an Arduino and some communication gear and wire it up.

What do you mean postal scales? What's the weight limit?

The kart and I weigh 340 lbs exactly, always exactly, within a few ounces. Easy enough to weigh the kart before the race and add or remove weights or fuel, but hard to scale it whenever I want. So I think each scale would be the 100-150lb variety.

Doesn't have to be exactly this...but something like it.