4" TFT SPI 480x320 V1.0 runing on OPENSMART UMO R3 Air

Hello everyone!
I'm very new to the ARDUINO environment.
Programming in general,
Sorry if my questions are beginner's questions (my desire to be one of the experts here)
I'm after a successful sketch of power buttons on a 2.4-inch display panel
2.4 "TFTLCD SHIELD (ili9340) mcufriend library
Runs on UNO board. Excellent
Runs on the Open Smart UNO R3 Air board. Excellent
Now I thought to myself that it is possible to run on a 4 "TFT touch screen
(4 "TFT SPI 480x320 V1 / 0 RED)
But fails, it is clear to me that I do not understand and can not define what each PIN its name, what each PIN role (who is PIN DATA?) What is the function of resistance of a screen? Who PIN analog? Who is PIN Digital?
I can understand that a 4 "screen works on 3 or 4 PIN DATA, but it is not defined who are out of 6 available (available - D2, D3, D4, D5, D8, D9 - on a 2.4" screen) Who are the four who transfer DATA to CHIP ST7796S? (From ARDUINO to a 2.4 "screen I can use for a 4" TFT?
Is it SDI (MOSI), is it PIN READ? Or WRITE?
Who are 2 PIN Digital (touch screen voltage?)
Just too complicated, I do not want to give up on it - I am drawn in like a swamp and can not let go until success.
Please help with my project. Thanks for any kind of help.

2 Screen display:
2 SCREEN display.pdf (202.4 KB)

Lines: Manuel User Pages,

I've been forgetting to ADD short video:

the video:

MCUFRIEND_kbv works with Parallel Shields. The shields have level shifters.

Your SPI display requires 3.3V level shifters and a different library. I am fairly certain that the Air board has a slide-switch to select 3.3V logic.

You can try my Adafruit_ST7796S_kbv library from Github with your SPI display.


hi David!
I took a picture. Front and one rear.
Indeed, a switch in 3.3V mode.
I'm going to try with the library (Adafruit_ST7796S_kbv)
I will report later.

By the way!
Dear David!
I'm a big fan of yours. In the last three weeks I have been reading all your articles and comments,
(Behind the scenes, without you knowing it)
I have made almost all of your recommendations (the ones you gave to others) unfortunately without success,
You are the one who inspired me to write here, (hoping you will guide me)
I'm glad you wrote to me.
Thank you very much friend.

dear David!
until now I can say with no success on my project to operate the 4" TFT SPI Touch Screen V1.0 ivan I use your library.
I'll be happy with your help.
my consern on TFT Failed. that I buy
Thanks Advance

The 4.0 inch display in #3 looks like ST7796S SPI display.

Install Adafruit_ST7796S_kbv from my GitHub.

Switch "VCC Select" to 3V3. Connect your Red ST7796S SPI display:
VCC to 5V
CS to D10
D/C to D9
SDI to D11 (MOSI)
SCK to D13 (SCK)
LED to 3.3V
SDO to D12 (MISO)

Run the examples from Adafruit_ST7796S_kbv

All connections were made as you instruct me
All three examples were tried
Without display
Only rear light works
Is there a possibility that four damaged screens I buy from the Chinese supplier? (From my experience - the answer is yes.)
For a 2.4-inch project I bought 10 screens, 6 were damaged there.
Thanks for the time being, I will get back to you with results after ordering more screens

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