4DLCD-FT843 with FT800

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I began to work with the display "4DLCD-FT843" (4.3" SPI Display with embedded FT800 and Resistive Touch) with the shield "4Display-FT843-ADAM" on Arduino one, and I got this code (attaching code) from (http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=296126.0). But I don't understand how set the ISP module. Because now I want work with the Launchpad Tiva-C-TM4C123G.

I hope that anyone can help me with this. I am frustrated.



  • Copyright (c) Future Technology Devices International 2014
  • propriety of Future Technology devices International.
  • Software License Agreement
  • This code is provided as an example only and is not guaranteed by FTDI.
  • FTDI accept no responsibility for any issues resulting from its use.
  • The developer of the final application incorporating any parts of this
  • sample project is responsible for ensuring its safe and correct operation
  • and for any consequences resulting from its use.
  • @file HelloWorld.ino
  • @brief Sketch to display hello world on FT800.
    Tested platform version: Arduino 1.0.4 and later
  • @version 0.1.0
  • @date 2014/17/05


/* This application demonstrates the usage of FT800 library on FT_ADAM_4DLCD_FT843 platform */

/* Arduino standard includes */
#include "SPI.h"
#include "Wire.h"

/* Platform specific includes */
#include "FT_ADAM_4DLCD_FT843.h"

/* Global object for FT800 Implementation */

/* Api to bootup ft800, verify FT800 hardware and configure display/audio pins /
Returns 0 in case of success and 1 in case of failure */
int16_t BootupConfigure()
uint32_t chipid = 0;
FTImpl.Init(FT_DISPLAY_WQVGA_480x272);//configure the display to the WQVGA

delay(20);//for safer side
chipid = FTImpl.Read32(FT_ROM_CHIPID);

/* Identify the chip */
if(FT800_CHIPID != chipid)
Serial.print("Error in chip id read ");
return 1;

/* Set the Display & audio pins */
return 0;

/* API to display Hello World string on the screen /
void HelloWorld()
Change the below string for experimentation */
const char Display_string[12] = "Hello World";

/* Display list to display "Hello World" at the centre of display area */
FTImpl.DLStart();//start the display list. Note DLStart and DLEnd are helper apis, Cmd_DLStart() and Display() can also be utilized.
FTImpl.ColorRGB(0xFF,0xFF,0xFF);//set the color of the string to while color
FTImpl.Cmd_Text(FT_DISPLAYWIDTH/2, FT_DISPLAYHEIGHT/2, 29, FT_OPT_CENTER, Display_string);//display "Hello World at the center of the screen using inbuilt font handle 29 "
FTImpl.DLEnd();//end the display list
FTImpl.Finish();//render the display list and wait for the completion of the DL

/* bootup the module and display "Hello World" on screen /
void setup()
Initialize serial print related functionality */

/* Set the Display Enable pin*/
Serial.println("--Start Application--");
//error case - do not do any thing
Serial.println("--End Application--");

/* Nothing in loop api */
void loop()

Major tips for anyone going down this route...

1/ You cannot compile the 4D libs at this time on later vers of the Arduino IDE .. I use earlier 1.0.5
2/ See FT800 Library - Displays - Arduino Forum for install guide.
3/ See examples that find their way into the IDE (menu: File // Examples // FTDI ) after install.

4D need a bit of a kick in the old whatsits for their dreadful documentation (it's all there, but it's also all over the place). The examples are good.

Hi @surfware

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