4x40 LCD EL-Inverter (100V@400Hz) Schematic?

Hey guys,

I've just received a few 4x40 character LCDs but it looks like I've totally overlooked it's back light requirements. From the datasheet I believe it needs a EL inverter (something I know little about).

As you can see from the picture it looks like it needs 100V @ 400Hz. Can anyone suggest an schematic to pull this off?

It does mention the DAS5V8 but google brings up nothing useful.


The LCD he has is pretty nice. :slight_smile:

They’re not expensive

That looks like the exact schematic I need! Good find mate.

I must admit, I'm a little concerned running 110volts through a hobby setup. Most of my kits arn't in a chassis

EL wire requires very little current, to the point where you can run metres of the stuff for hours from 2 AA batteries!

The current required is extremely low, so if you were to come into contact with the 110V, it'd pretty much just give you a tingle. It's not going to kill you if you do it properly.

Ah that’s not bad!

Can anyone suggest an inverter which will fit my needs and ships to the uk?

How about this one:-

However the output frequency is a bit high. Where as:-

is a bit more expensive but looks a better fit.

And in the UK already :slight_smile:

However isn't it cheaper just buying an LCD display with an LED back light.

I was just looking on farnell, didn't see much.

That looks like a good one but it's output frequency is to high. Starts at 1.2kHz not sure what the result of that would be

I've decided to take the 555-inverter route. It's not cheap (about 10~ for the required components... And you end up buying way more than you need due to minimum purchase)

Should be an interesting project. Cheers guys

I managed to source all the components for the 555-circuit and got it all running. The only thing I'm finding is it's very dim. If I drop the r3 resister right down to maybe 100ohms it's barable but still dim.

Any ideas how to boot up the light on this circuit?

Hey guys, sorry for bumping my own thread but does any one with a little more electronics expertise know how to boost the brightness on this schematic?

I hate giving up on projects, I'd appreciate some reading material if you don't know the answer.. "Give a man a fish" and all that :wink: