5mm led matrix

Hello, I want to make a 10x8 matrix. I wanted to ask how it should operate. Maybe someone did a similar project and have advice?

i diet make it, but there are several projects of how to do it



how to do without MAX7219? using only programming?

You'd basically use all your available pins witnout additional hardware, and it could work directly but it wont be so bright as you can safely provide a maximum of 40 ma per row or column, so basically you'll get 4ma per led max, even less since you will scanning the rows colums so basically 1/8th brightness of 4ma or. 5ma per led if you have them all on if that's what your planning for it can be done easily by cycling high one row at a time turning on the proper column in sync I actually did an 8x8 as my first arduino project and quickly found out that specialized hardware controlled by the arduino is the best solution