5v 2A DC converter

Hello to all.
I want to know more about switching power supply.
Any good movie link?

What do you want to know ?

Did you Google 5V 2A switching power supply ?

yeah, but I don't know which one is good to see.

Pick one that looks like something you could use and post the link for it and we will respond with comment.

Watch these movies


Watch these movies


I actually don't think he wants to know that much because if he did he would have already found those videos and would have been watching them instead of posting here. I don't care where in the world he is he must have heard of Google.

But thanks for the links anyway. I'll watch them this weekend. At least someone can get something out of it.

I'm gonna watch (some of) them too! I've been making linear DC converters with transformers and capacitors, and regulators for a while. It's time I took the plunge.

Sometimes the clueless trip over a clue I can scoop up!

120V/60Hz to 5V, 4A supply $7. Works great. Need something else?