5v to 24v transistor


I'm programming an Arduino Uno to power my led lights with my phone over Bluetooth. I have an HC05 module for bluetooth and it works perfectly. But I have another question, how do I convert the 5V Arduino output to a 24V output to power the led lights? I've read things about relays and transistors but the answer is never clear. Can I just use the transistor of the Arduino starter pack or do I need to order something else?

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

It's not very likely that the starter pack transistor will be what you need but as yet your question is not clear.

What exactly are the "led lights" you have that need 24V? How much current do they require? Do you just need to switch them on/off or is there more control required, like brightness or colours?

BTW just being picky but an Arduino can't power 24V lights. It can control them with suitable add-ons but you definitely need a separate supply to power them.


It's just to turn on and off :slight_smile: I'm sorry that I was not clear, I'm new to this. The LEDs already work but without an Arduino (with a simple plug), so what you say is that I leave the LEDs like they are now and add the arduino as sort of a module to it? That would make sense, I will look deeper into that!

Thank you!

Yes, you can use the Arduino/Bluetooth/phone as a switch. Either a relay or a logic level MOSFET will do it. A MOSFET is a type of transistor but much more useful for high powers than the one you have.