6-wire stepper motor help

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I have a 6-wired Unipolar Stepper Motor (KYSAN: 1124014), and I want to hook this up to an Arduino Nano ATMega328 model. I am quite new to hardware and I am mostly a developer so I don't really know how to approach setting this up, hardware wise. Things are quite expensive so I don't want anything to break by hooking it up wrongly.

I know that there are two coils (three wires for one coil) and one of the three wires is the center tap of that coil. Am I suppose to hook up the center taps to the power source (in this case a 9V NiMH battery)? The motor takes in 4V of power. Since there is a power difference, does that mean I have to use some kind of voltage regulator to step down the voltage, or no? Also can I use one 9V for 2 stepper motors and the Nano?

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You can not hook a stepped directly to the arduino--not enough power available. Steppers require a certain pattern to their driver signals. A web search should turn up the details you need.

Steppers need higher voltage than the rating for good performance. A stepper like yours could be driven with 24V, maybe more, with the proper current limiting. Look for an off the shelf stepper driver. I have used some from Page Title for CNC work but I suspect they are too big for your needs.



They have stepper drivers that mike work for you.

It might be simpler and cheaper to breadboard up four transistors as per the attached.

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I think I'm going to try RPCoyle's method with the transistors. It seems simple enough plus, I don't need to go order another part. Are those BJT's? And will regular diodes work here? Also, is it okay to use a mosfet if I don't have a BJT?

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I just used plain old 2n222's. Works fine pulling 300 ma per transistor. The 2n222 is supposed to be rated up to about a 800 ma collector current, but I wouldn't push it that far.