7 segment display led Clock, NOOB needshelp

I found some plans on indestructible(https://www.instructables.com/id/Big-auto-dim-room-clock-using-arduino-and-WS2811/) and from watching a video on youtube (DIY BIG CLOCK - USB POWERED NIST SERVER TIME KEEPING - YouTube). I was going to try to use the frame from the video and the electronics of the instructables to make this clock. But in my haste i ordered ws2812b led by mistake. But in the comments of the instructables others had used these, and said that i only needed to adjust the led matrix at the beginning of the code. Now the code doesn’t display anything on the leds, i have checked the leds wiring with a fastled sample code and it works just fine, and when running the code for the clock the serial monitor shows that its working but i don’t know how to fix it, and could use someones help before I pull all of my hair out.

i have included the code

sketch_jul17a.ino (4.89 KB)

OK, fair enough, you have received little reply so far as you have presented your problem in an inconvenient form - perhaps did not read the posting instructions first. :roll_eyes:

Let’s look at your code then. Hmm, how am I going to extract it? OK, download to desktop, load in an editor, cut and paste into here …

Oh, whoah, that is butt-ugly! :astonished: Double-spaced - was that written in a DOS editor? Haven’t used auto-indent and no proper white space separating modules. No wonder no-one else has replied. Because it is your code, you probably don’t understand why we may not wish to load it into our own IDE.

Sorry, I just lost interest. Please in the IDE, you need to remove any double-spacing you can see other than between subroutines, use Auto Format from the Tools menu, check that is still looks right then save it, copy the code in the IDE (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and paste it in to a reply here as “code” (use the </> icon).

The ws2811 strip in the Instructable needs 12V. Your ws2812b strip needs 5V. If you connect 12V to the ws2812b strip you will damage or destroy it. Your 5V power supply will need to have quite a large capacity, at least 5A.

In terms of code, the ws2812 strip will have 3 times as many driver chips as the ws2811, so you need to change the code to reflect that. For example, if the original code sets the 23rd led, your code needs to set the 69, 70 and 71st LEDs.