74HC595 and 7 segment display -> Control Library

i wrote a library for control a 7-segment display(common cathode) with a 74HC595 ic.

Download -> Library
LINK -> Description, Pin connections

//Object initialisation
 AH_74HC595(int SER_Pin, int RCLK_Pin, int SRCLK_Pin);

 //Register functions
 void setPin(int index, boolean value);
 void setAll(boolean value);
 void setValue(byte value);
 void shift(boolean value);
 void rotate();

 // 7-Segment display functions
 void showNumber(byte number);
 void showSign(char sign);
 void setPoint(boolean value);

In case someone's got a common anode 7 segment LED display then there is sample code and a tutorial at:

Sparkfun has big 7segment common anode leds: