8 Servo Motor + Sensor Shield + 5V/12A Power adapter


Currently I have 8 running MG995 with individual power supply that feeds to servo motor individually.

And there's a 9V/1A Adapter powering the Arduino Mega board.

I want to condense all the wiring and power supply, etc. And I want to ask is the following set up feasible:

  • 8 of MG995 (Idle Stall current 1.2A) plugged into the Arduino Sensor Shield that gives individual 5V/Ground/Signal pins for the servo motor.

  • Use 5V/12A AC/DC adapter to power the board, sensor shield, and 8 of those MG995 servo motor.

With the servo motor idle stall current being 1.2A, and 8 of them gives around 9.6A, I think 5V/12 A power supply should be good.

Do you think the set up like this is doable?

Thank you very much

For an MG995 the STALL current is 1.2A. The idle current is more like 10mA.

So a 5V 12A power supply should certainly be o.k. to power everything.


Hi Steve, thank you very much for the feedback!