8x8 led matrix code

So i made a 8x8 led matrix and i want to control it with my arduino with no driver. I have the rows on pins 2-9, and columns on pins 9-13 and A0-A3. But i dont know howi would code it. can any 1 give me simple advice on how to approach the code.

It's common sense really. You have to energize one column at a time for a certain interval, and drive the data for that column on to the row outputs. Rinse and repeat.

Look at the 7 segment LED library for ideas. There is almost no difference between that an what you want. If you don't want to solve the problem, just get a driver IC.

You listed both a column and a row on pin 9.

Don't forget the 8 current limiting resistors.

Let's say the LED's only draw 5 mA each. If you drive rows and columns with bare pins and light a whole row or a whole column you will have reached the 40mA absolute maximum for that pin. Many LED's are designed for 10 mA so that won't work. Better to use small NPN transistors between the Cathode (negative) connections and Ground. Use the Arduino pins to drive the Base of each transistor through a roughly 220 Ohm resistor. You will still need current limiting resistors to match the LED to the supply voltage.

Let's assume the Anodes (positive) are going to rows and Cathodes (negative) are going to columns.

For each column:
Set the row pins for that column: HIGH for ON or LOW for OFF.
Turn on the transistor for that column.
delay a few milliseconds.
NOTE: Longer delays produce both brighter displays and flicker. Make the delay as long as you can without flicker.
Turn OFF the transistor for that column.
NOTE: If you don't turn off the column before changing rows you will get ghosting.