9 axis motion shield not working

I am trying to get anything to work with the 9 axis motion shield, but it does not return any numbers, all variables are zero.

I tried this sample: https://codebender.cc/sketch:279274#9%20Axis%20Motion%20Shield%20-%20Accelerometer.ino

All numbers are zero, even when I move the shield: Time: 4856ms aX: 0.00m/s2 aY: 0.00m/s2 aZ: 0.00m/s2 lX: 0.00m/s2 lY: 0.00m/s2 lZ: 0.00m/s2 gX: 0.00m/s2 gY: 0.00m/s2 gZ: 0.00m/s2 C: 0

Then I tried this: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/tech-duino/using-9-axes-motion-shield-with-arduino-e71107 And I get the first messages with instructions, I move the shield around, but nothing happens

I am using an Arduino M0 Pro with this shield

Did you get it working ??? I have the same problem.

Hi there, did you find the solution ? I have the same problem

Thank you

Same problem :(