Ability for Arduino to send emails

I am a first time Arduino user, doing a term project for school. I will be monitoring a door opening and closing, and am hoping to have the system send an email every time the door gets opened. Hoping for some feedback on the feasibility of the software being able to do this. Thanks.

If you have an internal mail server at your school that is available without using SSL you might get that to work with an Arduino UNO and Ethernet Shield. (you didn't tell us what hardware you're using so I simply assume the standard hardware). Keep in mind that this is not an ideal beginners project.

Never done it myself but as far as I know if you use something like an MKR WIFI 1010 or a D1 Mini there are libraries available for sending emails.

There are several way to send email from Arduino:

If you use a NodeMCU you will find lots of examples that will connect via wifi and send an email