About the LCD with the arduino intelligent irrigation solution

Do you have a question ?

Thanks a lot.I don't have any questions at this moment.I just want to share this good solution with you :grinning:

Is it a solution? In many ways, it's more like a list of requirements, or a problem statement.

It contains some aspects of a design solution, such as use of a mega2560, and some other components, which may be available today, or might be proposed components not yet manufactured, we don't know. If it is a list of requirements or a problem statement, it should not contain any of these things, they do not belong in a problem statement.

If it is a proposed design, the suggested components, such as mega2560, seem inappropriate, because that board has far more pins than seem to be required for the task, and does not have WiFi capability, which is required. A board with native WiFi would seem more appropriate.

So whatever it is supposed to be, I would not agree that it is "good", sorry!

nice drawing :nerd_face:

Hi Thank you for your kind comment. This is proposed design based on DWIN LCD Module and DWIN Cloud platform.All proposed components could be available today.DWIN LCD Module can equipped with their WIFI module ,then connect with cloud platform and realize remote temperature ,humidity control.

Thanks a lot.I can send you a pdf document if you need more details.

正在处理:Ardurino intelligent irrigation solution.pdf…

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