Accel Stepper Motor

Hello guys!

I'm new here and have been learning the ropes a bit.
But I can not drive a bipolar stepper motor with 4 pins.
I have an Arduino MotorShield with the L298P chip.
I do not know myself with the coding. I have also tried many things.
Watched many YouTube videos but not helped much.
Now I ask you, can someone help me with the programming?

Thank you very much

Generally, an L298 is the wrong thing for steppers. It can be used for small DC motors. It uses stone age technology, waist voltage and energy. Go for a real stepper driver.

Please read the first topics informing about how to use this forum, how to get the best from this forum.

Post the data sheet for the stepper and we can help you find an appropriate driver. L298 and L293 are not appropriate drivers for a modern bipolar stepper.

Your motor driver might have an Enable pin. That pin may have to be HIGH or LOW to enable the driver outputs.

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