Accessing data from Microsoft Access in Arduino


I'm developing an access control system using the RC522 RFID reader and an infrared sensor, based on a Microsoft Access file. The issue I'm stuck with is the following:

I need Arduino to read the RFID tag, check for some info in Access related to the tag number, and do something depending on the Access result.

For example, the RFID number read is 15. It should check in an Access query if (in some field) 15 corresponds to a 0/1 - yes/no - true/false value. If it is 0, it should play an alarm audio file. If it is 1, do nothing.

I hope you can help me with this.

Thanks in advance!


I think you have two options; I've never used either of them and can't help much further.

1) You can access the serial port from within MS Access using VBA. 2) You can write a PC application (preferably a service, I think) that can access the MS access database and the serial port.