Adafruit ADS1115 issues with higher gain

Hey Everyone,

I am currently working on an Arduino UNO R3 project and using an ADS1115 analog to digital converter to measure voltages. I currently have it set up to take differential readings. I am trying to adjust the gain to increase my precision with lower voltages. But have found my voltage readings are less accurate when I use a higher gain value that isn't the default 2/3. I have gone through the calculations step by step and I'm certain I am using the correct multipliers and that it isn't a rounding issue.
Does anyone have experience with this particular device?

Not enough information. Please read and follow the instructions in the "How to use the forum" post.

A common mistake is to violate the input voltage range restrictions on the ADS1115. Specifically for differential readings, both voltages must be between 0 and Vsupply for the ADC.

You are in the uV range, your power supply has to be clean and highly recommended no Digital on it unless isolated (filter network). Just as important maybe more so is the grounds they must be good. Without a circuit I can only guess, but this is what I find most of the time.