Adafruit Motor shield


i want to control a stepper motor with an Arduino Uno and a Adafruit Motor shield v2.3.

I connected the Shield with the Arduino and then I connected the Arduino with the USB port.
The Arduino power is lighting, but the Shield power don't lighting...

I also tested it with a in addition power connection to the Arduino... don't work

What can I do, to test the connection between Shield and Arduino?
Or what is the right way to connect Arduino with Shield? USB or power port??

Thank you!

(gerne auch auf deutsch)

Hello Anja_94.

Du hast doch schon die Deutschsprachige Sektion vom Forum (klick !) gefunden, oder ?
Aber weil wir hier im Internationalen teil sind, werde ich auf Englisch weitermachen.

Adafruit does excellent support on their products.
Did you check out the FAQ about this product ?
One of the answers is that you need to check the power supplied to the shield.
Most motor shields can't be used from the Arduino supply because that can't deliver the needed current.
Read all FAQs from that site, and of course you already read the user manual more than once, right ?

In case English is a problem to you, Google can do some translation.
But you will need a bit of imagination if you have to depend on such translations.

That's not the best way to control most types of stepper motors. What motor do you have?

Yes, the shield should be powered from more than just USB. 12V or more is recommended.

Problem is solved.

Hi Anja_94.

My pointing to the German section wasn’t meant as an incentive for you to start cross posting.

In the mean time, your thread over there has more replies than this one and you’ve shown over there that you read my advice and visited the Adafruit FAQ page.
Any more time i or anybody else would spend in this thread, is a waste of time, let alone of good intentions.
So i’ll let this thread die and advice anyone else to not waste anything and do so too.

Good luck in the German section.