Adaptive Camouflage Project

Hi friends,

I need help regarding a project I’m working on for school. I’m not entirely sure how to approach it. I have moderate experience with Arduino/Processing/OpenFrameworks.I have access though to highly experienced professors to help.

The idea for the project I had was to have a sensor such as maybe the color detector sensor - SEN-11195 ( Though I have no experience with it and I’m not entirely sure if it would work for my concept. The concept is to have a color touch sensor attached to my hand and whatever I touch it would recognize the color in a value and transfer that value to programmable LED strips that would change the color to that (not entirely sure if that would work on it’s own either).

I’m hoping this is accomplishable by Arduino as I have no Raspberry Pi experience but if I could do it with a raspberry Pi a hell of a lot quicker then I have no problem learning it.

In addition if there is a better way to approach this project any suggestions would be really helpful!!

This is the inspiration video - something relating to this but accomplishable by Arduino hopefully and not as expensive as using OLEDs.

Here is a basic sketch I just did a few minutes ago. It’s still under development and in very initial stages. I wanted it to be in a clothing form.

Also just saw this - Color Sensor Breakout - HDJD-S822. This could help as well!

What I'm struggling with is how to approach this if at all possible. Not many examples out there on this, strange because it's a very cool concept.

What you ask is possible but how successful it will be is another matter. Some colours you simply can not get with LEDs like brown for example. Your colour sensor will pick up a reflected colour and your LEDs wil generate light, this makes them diffrent. But simply take the RGB value from the sensor and send it to the strip, I don't see where you are having the problem trying it.

Is there a list of color ranges the strips can't pick up? Also the sensor is quite pricey and doesn't have terribly good reviews I'm wondering if anyone knows of a sensor that they've tried and used successfully. Besides a sensor/Arduino/LED Strip is there something else I'd need to make this work?

Is there a list of color ranges the strips can’t pick up?


A sensor will give you the three components of a colour, red, green and blue.
An RGB LED will generate a colour if you give it the three components of a colour, red, green and blue.

These will not necessarily look like the same colour, unless you want to spend thousands on it. Have you ever noticed how some digital cameras do not produce “true” colours?

You perception of a colour depends on the colours that surround it. See this illusion:-

So an exact match is by definition impossible.