Additional storage for mega 2650

Geekings I am fairly new to all this arduino whatsit and am just wondering about memory capabilities of the mega 2650. Assuming the best way to expand the memory is by using an sd card, what is the cheapest way to do this? An sd card shield? an external card reader? etc From what I've read, the sd card shield isn't compatible with the mega, can you get ones for the mega? Also, at sometime I'm thinking of getting an Ethernet or wifi shield, which obviously both come with sd slots. Would it be siginificantly cheaper to wait until I get one of these and use their slot than to buy seperate equipment? Thanks very much.

SD cards aren't the only way to "Expand" memory... There's a ram pack available.. eeproms are easily added... And you need to make friends with Mr Google... He (or She) is the person that can find your answers... fastest and easier than any other means.. Your questions might be a great deal more on point if you do your own basic research first... Obviously your ram requirements are unknown at this time since you failed to mention the use for the extra memory or how much you require... or whether the "memory" needs to be fast So here is a solution... Assuming that ram fits your idea of memory, Here is a link to 512 KB of ram.. there are various cards that supply SD card slots .. I have a dozen or more, both on other shields or stand alone. There are various shields that can supply EEprom storage as well, both populated with some kind of EEprom or you can buy and install what you require...


I’ve been using the Adafruit VS1053 breakout board, it has a micro SD card.

Have it hooked up to a MEGA…

About $30 or less but you need some cables. It’s all FUN.

You need this to play your music files, right?

Thanks, that's good to know.

CarlW: You need this to play your music files, right?


Not music specifically, was just generally interested in ways of expading memory :) Thanks again.


Small attempt at humor... you are Musicboy, must need SD to play music...

Ah. It appears I'm even dumber than I look(and trust me, I look pretty dumb). Sorry about that one :)