ADNS-2610 + Processing - pixel dump - working example?


I am trying to get an ADNS-2610 (optical mouse) sensor to work. Reading DeltaX,DeltaY and SQUAL works.

But I don't get the pixel dump to work.

Using examples I found I can dump the data. But showing them in Processing doesn't give a valid picture (only noise).

I used this example: The Arduino part looks good. The output per pixel is between 0 and 63. (fits the specification) But the processing part seems to write the pixels not regarding the specification. (or I expect a different pixel order in the output data than there really is). I changed the position of the pixels but it still don’t get a valid picture.

Trying this library: (changing the addresses for the register regarding the ADNS-2610 spec) DeltaX, DeltaY works. Dumping the pixel data I get values bigger 63. So this must be wrong.

Does someone have a working example using Arduino and Processing (or another PC frontend for Windows, just to verify the output is ok at all).

Thanks Robert


Thanks a lot. I'll give it a try.