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Im currently planning on creating an audio visualiser using an Elegoo Uno R3 for a college project. Having never undertaken a project like this before, i'm seeing the coding part of this project to be fairly daunting and I was wondering if I could get some knowledge on the basics that I will need to know starting out things like: how the Elegoo processes data, how I would read that, key info about C++. Any knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated.


P.S - normally I would search through the forum to find answers myself but, this is an excellent way to gather primary research hence why i'm posting this.

Buy an Arduino Sensor Kit (there's thousands on Google), and experiment with them using the example sketches (what Arduino calls a program) in the Arduino IDE.

This will give you some experience with programming and the IDE. Then you should be ready to start planning your project.

In the Arduino IDE there are a ton of examples showing the basic functions of the Arduino (File, Examples). That is a good starting point.

The Useful Links topic in the Programming Queations section has a lot of good stuff, too.

And Larryd has a very good list of pages for beginners.

and take a look here before you start with "sketching" and coding your project.

I started C programming in 1985 using books from Howard W. Sams: The Waite Group's C Primer Plus.
Of course you can start as the other forum member say with looking to some examples, I prefer a more fundamental approach. It takes more time but armed with a good toolset of fundamentals, you will be much more able to understand what is going on under the hood. All depends on your ambition and your background.

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