Advice/Guidance on a Atmel microcontroller

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I deeply apologise in advance, this is likely not the place to ask this but I do not know the correct place to ask it!.

I have an Atmel AT89C51RD2-UM Microcontroller, from what I can work out these are quite common way of controlling circuits back in the 50's and onwards.

I want to program it via ISP as its installed in a circuit, which I'm looking to combine with my Arduino Mega, I cannot figure out for the life of me how to actually program it, or what I need to do such a thing, and I'm struggling to find the right place to even ask that kind of thing! If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it!



This chip is now supported by Microchip. If you do a search in their site, you can find an IDE to program with. :wink:

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Considering that microcontroller we’re only introduced in the 1970s I doubt that.

On the Arduino boards there is a 6 pin header for connecting an in circuit programmer. You can make one from an ordinary Arduino by putting the ISP code in the IDE into it. You have to disable the reset pin either by cutting a link or putting a large capacitor across it.

This link tells you all about it along with other stuff you might not want to know.

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An Intel 8051 clone.

The datasheet should cover In-circuit Serial Programming.

And here is a handy tutorial:

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you're not wrong but I believe before the 8051 it was the 8031! :>

@johnwasser Fantastic! thank you and I'll have a look at the tutorial! :smiley:

@Grumpy_Mike thanks for the info on programming with the Arduino! had no idea it could do that and will also look into this stuff from the link you gave! cheers dude! <3

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