Advice on controlling LEDs wirelessly without a phone actuator


I have two remote LED arrays that I wish to control with an arduino uno connected to my computer. When I ask this question, I am usually told that I should use my cell phone and a blue tooth connection. The blue tooth connection seems sufficient; however, I do not want to use a phone to actuate the signals, but the arduino and my code.

I seek a transmitter/shield (or it might have to be two) for the arduino that can send signals to two different battery powered receivers that each control LED’s.

Please see the attacched image for clarity and thank you very much.
This must be possible?

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Is the receiver an arduino as well?

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I had thought about using an arduino for a receiver, but wasn't sure if I could control another remote arduino from an arduino.

I wonder if I could just use two arduinos instead with remote serial connections ?

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I'll do my best. As for the LED's, they will not be strips, but rather individual (4-5 LED's for each remote object). I have found some blue tooth relays which I believe can work found here:

I have found this for the primary transmitter attached to the arduino:

However, if it would be simpler, I could always try slaving two arduino via bluetooth to a main arduino, but this is probably overly complex.

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Great thanks. If i use two of these pairs, would i be able to connect both to one transmitter on connected to the arduino?

Here is a pair with master and slave:

Thanks again.

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I appreciate the help on the components. Thank you for that.

I do not appreciate you telling me to 'read better'. I am a beginner and there is quite a plethora of components to choose from. I believe aggression as such keeps beginners off of forums like this as I know many who are nervous when posting for the first time.

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If I could delete some of your karma points that would be the best.

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I don't get it as well. Could you be a bit more specific?

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