Advice on Programming Minecraft Music/Sounds on Lilypad?

I am working on a stuffed enderman plushie with glowing eyes that plays music. I am interested in programming it to play either minecraft music or enderman sounds. However, I have a limited ability to read music, so I don't know how feasible it would be for me to manually convert sheet music for Minecraft into the proper notes for the lilypad. However, I have not found any code for Minecraft music or enderman sounds. :fearful: Do you think its doable to manually code a song, or should I abandon the musical aspect of my stuffed Enderman?

I have the arduino lilypad (including buzzer), and I am willing to buy additional supplies to make this work.

Hi, welcome to the forum,

If you're going to use Tone() you may have to learn how to read sheet music.
Learning how to play an instrument is a zillion times harder as learning how to read sheet music btw :slight_smile:

But you can play MP3 and Midi-files with a MP3-shield/module as well and I expect those files will be easier to find.