Alternative serial monitor

I'm looking for advice for an alternative serial monitor. Its not that the built in serial monitor is bad its just that I need a way for someone else to interact with an arduino without going and downloading arduino software and being able to upload new code onto it. Also the computers this software needs to run on is windows 7/8. Thanks a bunch and any suggestion will be helpful.


what PuTTY?

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Another one is: Realterm

The best monitor I have used is called Hterm. It is by far the most feature full monitor I have used ( far better than many paid alternatives ).

Here is a thread I started a while ago asking a similar question. Hterm was recommended there. Free serial monitor / serial data capture applications. Recommendations?

I second the putty suggestion. I’ve used it for years for ssh, and recently as an alternative to the Arduino serial monitor. I find it much more forgiving than the serial monitor when it comes to receiving garbage characters; the serial monitor sometimes fails with a java exception.
Setup is simple; go to the serial options in the configuration window (screenshot attached).


TeraTerm works fine as well

pito: TeraTerm works fine as well

I'll second that motion.

pito: TeraTerm works fine as well

Especially if you ever use Telnet.