Alternative standalone microcontroller IC

I'm looking for an alternative microcontroller to work with the Arduino IDE for a school project.

I've used the atmega328 on a breadboard before, but I don't need all the pins it has and it would be useful to have something with a smaller footprint, but still with enough pins for my project.

Is there a compatible IC with arround 16 pins instead of the 28? I'm looking for DIP :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

It would probably assist the forum if you said how many I\O pins you needed, is it 16 ?

In DIP, your only option with 15 I/O pins, staying within the AVR family is the attiny861/461/261 (8k/4k/2k flash, 512/256/128b ram). It’s similar to a tiny85 with more pins - it’s got the PLL to clock at 16MHz without a crystal and the high speed Timer1. No hardware serial.
The attiny167/87 (16k/8k flash, 512b ram) is another option (it has a real serial port!) but is SMD only. And still only 15 I/O pins (16 is possible, but only without reset, which makes reprogramming very difficult).
The attiny1634 would be ideal - 16k flash, 1k ram, DUAL hardware serial ports, and 17 I/O pins plus reset. Unfortunately, it’s SMD only.

With only 12 I/O pins, the more popular attiny84/44/24 family, and the upgraded (but unfortunately SMD only) 841/441 (adds 2 hardware serial ports and a second 16-bit timer, among other things).

If your project uses very little flash, the ATTiny4313 might do the trick - it’s available in DIP, 17 I/O pins plus reset, hardware serial… but an agonizingly small 4k flash, 256b ram.

All the best parts these days are SMD only; you should consider it - research “drag soldering” technique on google. With just a temp. controlled iron, solder and no-clean gel flux, I can solder SOIC parts faster than I could solder the corresponding DIP. Things smaller than that get dicey, but SOIC is a piece of cake.

The attiny841 and 1634 are my two favorite AVR chips. The 841 has a better featureset, but the 1634 has the flash, ram and pins.

All of these are fully supported by my ATTinyCore - you can even put a bootloader on them and upload code via serial adapter if you want. As it happens, I also sell breakout boards for the SMD-only boards - both populated and unpopulated - in my Tindie store.

Thank you for the very useful info, DrAzzy!