Analog 0-10V in PWM 10v out converter

I have been looking all over the internet for a solution and I have not been able to find one. Here is the scope.
I have a controller that outputs a 0-10V analog signal to control whatever device is connected to it as long at is accepts 0-10v analog signal inputs. The problem here is that I have several LED controllers that only accept 0-10v PWM 100hz to 3Khz. I have purchased some stand alone devices that convert 0-10v to PWM but the output of the device is 5v PWM and dus only gives me 50% lighting when set to 100% The other issue is when it is set lower than 30% I get 0% lighting. So the question is can I use an arduino to control not just one but multiple channels? I would rather spend some time and money making this work rather than buying all new LED controllers that work of the 0-10v dimming signals. That is over $100! Any input would help!
As of now I am using my Arduino for a motion controlled LED lighting for the backyard using relay shield.

The problem here is that I have several LED controllers that only accept 0-10v PWM 100hz to 3Khz.

Post a link to the product page.
You might have understood it wrong.
Could be 0-10volt or 10volt PWM.

Meanwell CC LED drivers could only require an opto coupler and a resistor to drive these from an Arduino PWM pin.
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There are some 10V analog inputs that include a low pass filter onboard - these can either
accept 0..10V analog, or a 10V PWM signal (it can't tell the difference after the LPF).

Either way with such a receiver you need 10V, so a 10V supply and a level shifter circuit is
needed whether using analog or PWM.

Here is the link to the product. Mean Well ELN-30-12P. Dimming Technology PWM. The data sheet indicates. 1.1 ~ 10VDC or PWM signal : 100Hz ~ 3KHz. "Level of output current can be adjusted through the dimming control function.
When there is no signal sending to the control wires (open circuit between the two control wires), the power supply
unit will operate as 0V (D-type) or 0% duty (P-type) of input signal and hence the output current will be zero."

The version that I have is the P-Type. I did notice that the lowest percentage that is is capable of outputting is 15%. That is OK but I never get 100% I was connected to a typhon controller with 10v PWM and it worked fine. I got the full range! But I since then upgraded to an APEX controller that only has 0-10v analog dimming output.