Android and Arduino development


I’m new to Android (some Java SE and xml, eclipse / netbeans experience), but I have been playing with Arduino (mostly Uno) for 18 months now. Is this the right place on the forum that I should post questions. I am using the Uno with a USB host shield (cicuits@home).

I think I don’t have to buy an arduino (eg Arduino ADK Rev 3 Board) or google dev kit (very expensive and too complicated) because I have most of the parts in my uno and USB shield. But I am not sure. My guess is that those new dev kits evolved from the work done by those guys who contribute to circuits@home (Oleg maybe?)

So this is my first question. Are the libraries and code examples for the Arduino ADK compatible with my (uno & shield) setup?

Many Thanks

Hi - I am a newbie as well and while I cannot give you an answer, I am also interested in knowing this. For my project I want to flick a switch or press a button and when the button is pressed I get a text message to my Android (Galaxy Note 2 for now). I found this e-book at my library: Beginning Android ADK with Arduino, Mario Bohmer. It has quite a few projects and while I have only read the first couple chapters may help you in the future - just thought I would suggest, if you had not come across this. Also, I have an Uno already and for the sake of saving money wanted to continue to use it for my project and implement the USB Shield. The book mentions that the libraries have been configured for the 2560 but can implement the USB Host Shield to an Uno and originally the code was designed around the Uno. I found that the code is hosted on Github: I believe this may help answer our question on what code to change or keep the same depending if you are going to use the 2560 or the Uno with the USB shield. I am not the strongest programmer but have some of the same experience you shared and wondering if there is a copy of the original code utilizing the USB Shield and the Uno. If you come across this Please be sure to share! Thanks!!


thanks for the book recommendation and links. I'll share anything I find that may be of use.

I'm following this tutorial today (Monday 4th Feb): This one is about sending data to the Arduino but there are ones to do it the other way around.

The people at circuits@home seem helpful with lots of useful post on their site, and they may also answer some posts on the blog.

Have you tried running any code yet?



It's off the subject somewhat but this might be useful about bluetooth:;topicseen

I'm going to get one of these devices Multiwii MWC FC Bluetooth Module Use For Android

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