Android app to control arduino Robots via Bluetooth.

Good Morning,

I have developed an Android application to control arduino robots via bluetooth .
It's capable of manage direction and speed and can show a measure of distance to the nearest object if it has an ultrasonic sensor to send the information.
The commands that are sent with each key are configurable.
Also include a bluetooth terminal, to send and receive commands to the device, for debugging.
It was thought, at first, to control the Starter Kit V2.0 of Makeblock, but you can control any device, robot ...
If you have any suggestions for improvements or new ideas i'll be happy to hear it.

You can download it here:
You can see it working here: Bluetooth Control for MakeBlock V2.0 Starter kit. - YouTube

Thank you very much!

Very nice.


i've added a new functionality to my android application. Now it can control the robot arm.
You can choose simple robot kit or robot kit with arm add-on.

You can see it here: Bluetooth Control for MakeBlock Robot Arm - YouTube
You can download it here:
I would like to know your opinion about the application, and receive suggestions to improve it.