Android controlled home-system - BIR project

For some time i have been annoyed by the amount of different remote controls needed to control various things at home. So i decided to minimize the needed interfaces to one, my Android is always with me so why not use it to do all at home.

Using the nice APP inventor tool from google i created a Application to provide myself with the customized remote interface.

I simply send various values to the Arduino true Bluetooth initiating different actions. I am now enabled to control my RF 433Mhz controlled lights and the various infra-red sources i have such as TV, AV receiver, BD player and so on. Luckily my TV supports some feature named Aquos Link, it sends signals to other sources true the HDMI cables. My Sony PS3 reacts to those signals so i can remote control it. If i was missing this functionality i would connect over a USB cable to the PS3 and control it that way instead. The Bluetooth connection direct to the PS3 is not possible as SONY has locked the accepted device ID that are allowed to connect to it apparently.

I decode existing infra-red remote controls using the Infrared remote library from Ken Sherriff. Naturally i use his great library to send infra-red signals as well.

For RF control i use another nice library, Home Easy. Again i decode the RF remote controls i want to simulate and then imitate their signal you may say.

Video of this in action:

What you see is the project box, from left, USB interface and power cable, RF antenna for sender and receiver and at the end to the right two infra-red receiver diodes. At the inside of the black project box you find a Arduino Uno, Seedstudio Bluetooth Bee and Xbee Shield and RF 433Mhz TX/RX units.