Animated Paper - Flock of Origami Doves

Will be excibiting this next week. Its really simple, but sort of neat :slight_smile:

I use a servo for the movement. It uses a pully system with fishing rod cable. The "sensorbird" has a small stretch sensor within it.
Its pretty robust - I had a bunch of random people try it, and nobody broke it and everyone immedeatly was able to use it. And its fun.
(and pointless, but thats sort of the beauty of it, i guess.)

This is really nice !

Thanks for putting it up.


That's pretty neat :slight_smile:

I like it a lot. Do you have a link for the "small stretch sensor within it".

its a conductive polymere. its the same stuff I use in a bunch of my other projects, like here: Building Stuff: ShadowCoat v 0.02
(at the bottom of my blog there is a tag cloud, there should be one pointing to "stretch sensor" and you'll be able to find a lot more info there, if you are curious.

i bought it here: Flexible Stretch Sensor

glad you guys like it. I am building an upgraded version today - introducing additional birds and some randomness in the flapping - i hope to get a more organic feel by doing so...

yay. presentation went really really well :slight_smile: my prof loved the randomnes.

here is a clip from our excibit:

ahh and make likes us too :slight_smile:

so much love :slight_smile:

fkeel is happy



Great project. Congrats!

Good project! I like interactive art.