Another Arduino based Quadcopter

Hi all,

I have been working for some time on a quadcopter project based on a Arduino MEGA. There is nothing fancy about it compared to other quad but it might help other getting started:
I wrote the code mainly from scratch. It is on Github:
I wrote also a brief report: Quadcopter_RG.pdf - Google Drive

For now the development is stopped because I moved abroad for some time, but at least the quad flew before I left, so the code should be somehow right :).

And I’d like to thanks Basel, who helped me for this quad on this forum!

If you have any questions, feel free!

Quadcopter_RG.pdf (785 KB)


Thanks for sharing this, and the detailed write-up. Do you have video of this in action, and any idea what additional payload weight it might carry ?


Hi Geoff,

Unfortunaly no video, I made it fly in a rush before I left, in my garage with still the arduino connected to the computer. It wasn't fancy enough for a video ;)

Max payload should be around 800g according to ecalc:|d2830-11&gear=1&propeller=apc_slowfly_sf&diameter=8&pitch=4.5&blades=2 Experimentally hover is obtained at 40% throttle.

Thanks for that, and the link. 800g is more than enough for a little camera, and I'm sure from the images more can be shaved off the copter itself to maximise this. Looking forward to watching this progress more on your return.

All the best, Geoff

Good job my my friend :)… Quad and code looks nice… We want video :p!!!


Hi GoussLegend,

Fantastic write up.

I'm looking at making more or less a quad the same. Arduino mega2560, GY88 "MPU6050, HMC5883L & BMP085" and Flysky FS-THX9 tx/rx.

Do you have a link to a wiring diagram?

I'm still new to Arduino code, I might be able to work out the wiring from the code but may struggle.



I don't have a wiring diagram yet.. I am planning to do one soon. You can look at this one to have a general idea => It's pretty similar as my project, except they have got a 4 channels radio (I have a 6 channels radio) but otherwise it's kinda the same. Cheers

Hi GoussLegend,

I uploaded your code to my quadcopter. But i can't arm it. Every thing similar as yours. How i arm my quadcopter?

ch5->ON GreenLed->ON No IMU Problem, Angles Perfect Not Armed


My code is just an example and you shouldn’t copy paste it into your arduino.
You will need to change the pin configurations, the PID coefficients, ESCs calibration config, etc

For arming it depends of your ESCs calibration. The code will work with my ESC calibration but you need to change the code or change the calibration of your esc to make it work. Try to arm one motor without any prop attached first.

And I will say it again, don’t copy paste, change only the pin config and hope that it will work. The quad may start and then it will crash after 1 sec…

Hi GoussLegend, good work. I am also planning to do the same project but I had question - any idea if your code can be implemented using Arduino Duemilanove? Appreciate you sharing work. Thanks again.

Hey, I know this is a little late but would you happen to have a wiring diagram done or in the works? Thanks so much!