Antenna Analyzer with Uno / Nano for HF Radio

Hello everybody,
I'd like to show my last project.
Antenna Analyzer with Uno / Nano for HF Radio with DDS , frequency up to 30 Mhz.
Check videos

and pictures
Suggestion welcome :slight_smile:

Is the code "OpenX" ?
How about some info about the hardware ?
Your info is very limited.
Are you measuring SWR only?
73 Vaclav AA7EJ

The code is Common Creative.
Hardware is made by a AD8302 return loss /Phase detector with a DDS ad9850 .
Measuring is R, X, Z ,return loss, phase and SWR .
I am waiting the pcb and a kit will be available soon.

I have AD9850 module as an external VFO running.
Can you send me the code /link?
I would be interested in PCB only
73 Vaclav

Schematic is available here
Code is in beta versions , so not available at the moment.
I do not make pcb by myself, so standard is for machines production and no meaning to put it on the web...
Pcb is in production, I think in 10 days will be available.
If you like, sure you can use schematic to make your pcb.

Is there any improvement in your Antenna Analyze project?
The code is not available at the URL you posted in 2013, is it possible to re-publish it?
I am just starting to study projects with arduino and I would like to build an Antenna Analyzer.
Thanks so much in advance.