APM 2.5 PPM Decoder Issue

Hello everyone,

I am working with APM 2.5.1 board and I want to set up the RC( Futaba T7C) so that it reads the input values. However, the input pins on the board are not directly connected to the APM2560 chip but rather they pass through another chip that encodes the signal from PWM to PPM. I am using the codes for Timers and PPM_decoding in the following web site, but I still do not have working system. https://code.google.com/r/hrpull-ardustationii/source/browse/Tools/PPM_decoding/Timers.pde?r=36def7ee2d90b7f759543f22a6eaad8775df29ef Did someone else have the same problem?


I have exactly the same problem. Have you figured it out by now?