Approach for page flip detection


i need to detect the flipping of pages on a physical book, not only as a bool action but the whole movement.

Thinking of flex sensors but not sure if there are any i can actually flip 180 degrees, Maybe some capacitance changing detection ?

The physical space for this is quite limited, Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

thanks a lot

Where is the background story?

I think we need a bit more information.

  • How big is the book?
  • Page number limit?
  • What is turning the pages?
  • Is the book fixed in place?
  • What is the application?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:


in its form its a physical book that you can put in the library,

there are 6-7 pages, made of thick paper as there are small cables running inside them , there are various sensors in the pages for different actions

the whole thing gets powered via a box attached on the side of it , eqquiped with arduino etc, this connects to the book through the even thicker back cover,

thats the lot, i want to use the page turning information for sounds.


flex sensors, definitely (I guess)

that was my first thought too,

so i guess flex sensors have no problem being folded into 180 degree angle?

so i guess flex sensors have no problem being folded into 180 degree angle?

You'll need to experiment.

Are the pages rigid? If they need to be lifted to be turned, perhaps they would block, and then unblock, a laser beam on a phototransistor.

the pages are rigid yes,
was thinkin of photoresistor but more unpredictable and space needed.

In the children’s learning toy section of a supermarket, you can find books like that. There are switches at the binding or rather the hinge. Turning the page will make a peg press a micro switch. You can also use optical sensors. Flex sensors won’t be the best.

thanks for your answers, just to present my findings here,

flex was working pretty good first day,being fully folded, second day it started becoming unresponsive, can see that it will break soon,

@liudr need a continuous sensing of the whole motion of a page turn and not an on/off switch, or is there someway to achieve that with an optical sensor?


What is the purpose of detecting the exact location of the page? What can you NOT do with just an on/off switch?

You can embed an accelerometer in each page to tell the tilt angle of the book (user not allowed to read it while lying in couch). Then the read out also depends on how quickly the page is turning.