Approach to making Ultrasonic diffuser

Hello all,

I'm currently doing my final year project at uni.... My intent is to create a portable essential oil diffuser.
I've successfully recreated something similar to this project... Homemade humidifier DIY using cheap ultrasonic mist maker / fogger - YouTube
But my question is now, how would i go about powering the ultrasonic atomiser through Arduino? It's still early doors with this project, but any advice people have would be greatly appreciated.

After this step, it's about shrinking down the components, to eventually be battery powered, similar to e-cig, with SLA 3D printed housing for all.

Also anyone whose had experience with using ultrasonic atomisers, and has knowledge they're willing to part would be lovely.

Hope everyone has a lovely thursday


Why do you need an Arduino?

Hello Dave,

Arduino is going to be needed to measure water levels to turn off atomiser when water levels are low, also to control the level of mist produced by the atomiser. Also further down the project, i will be wanting to incorporate remote access to the atomiser....

Hope that helps