Arduini IDE 2.0 - Serial Monitor test "Hello World!", message moved

IDE: Arduino IDE 2.0.0-rc3.
Laptop: MacOS 10.15.7.
Hardware: Arduino Uno r3, NodeMCU.

Hi community, I have been testing the new IDE, and when i did "hello world" on the serial port, i saw this:

I did test with other hardware, also i changed the baud rate, but it was the same:

I have been seeing others topics at the forum but i can not found anything about this.

In sometimes when i upload the sketch, looks good, but not always...

Anyone know why is this?

It looks similar to this one:

I have also experienced this bug as well as other corruptions of the Serial Monitor data. I have not found the specific circumstances this one occurs under though.

Okay!! thank you for your answer!! yes, this not happen all time, only sometimes, there are jumps on message... :confused:

Your code is working as written, but what is happening is your monitor cannot keep up with the data. Try slowing the baud to 1200, I think it will work fine, if it does it confirms my diagnosis.

Hi @gilshultz Thank you for option, i Tried slowing the baud to 1200 with same sketch, but i obtain this output:

Also, when i change the baud rate, i see differents characters.

When i open the serial port in the old IDE version 1.8.19 all work ok!!

It is possible your host machine is not fast enough. Your code is good and it works with an older IDE. What you are seeing is the apparent lack of the receiving machine to keep up with the serial input. If there are other tasks running, can they be turned off as a test, especially any browsers.

I'm having the same issue. It seems to be garbled when I initially open it, however if I close it and then reopen it all seems OK.

As for computer speed or capabilities, I rather doubt that is the issue, I'm using an Intel NUC with an i7 processor and 64GB of RAM running Ubuntu 20.04.

I think there might be two possible causes for this:

  1. The Arduino IDE is not receiving the characters in correct order with the clock signal.
  2. From what I know, The Arduino IDE first stores all the incoming characters in a buffer then prints the output. So there might be some issue storing the character in the incoming buffer.

Thanks @DroneBotWorkshop , you make amazing articles and videos. I love watching them. :smiley:

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