Arduino + AAC Keys

Hi everybody!

I am writing to share some work and information regarding the use of an Arduino Nano to simulate keyboard events on the PC connected to the Nano. The ATMEGA328P is connected through the serial port, and not using USB, so it cannot be used as a HID; hence, it is necessary to translate serial data into simulated keystrokes on the computer side.

Therefore: it is possible to use the Arduino Nano as a keyboard/mouse. It can be done, for example, using AAC Keys, available both for Windows and Mac.

On the following PDF, I present further details and also an interesting project suitable also for "HID" Arduinos, that is the "real-time" logging of sensor's data to an Excel file.

Hope you enjoy it! Cheers.

PS: I am opened to every kind of compliment/suggestion/criticism.

Arduino Nano as keyboard.pdf (532 KB)